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After graduating from Princeton University in 2010, D. Scott worked as an intern, contributing writer, and, ultimately, editor of several blogs. In September 2011, he transformed his personal music website into a blog of his own, posting the hottest music news and breaking records (digitally) daily

Since 2007, DJ D.SCOTT has built quite a music library reflecting his diverse set of experiences spinning up and down the East Coast at urban clubs, country clubs, college parties, bat mitvahs, weddings, Proms, Homecomings, Church Outings, teen parties, walk-a-thons, charity events, and more.

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From the mean streets of the New Jersey suburbs and the ivory tower of Princeton University comes, paradoxically,  a Hip Hop Artist unlike any other. D.s.sence, who has had a passion for music ever since he first picked up an instrument in the second grade, became serious about emceeing while in college after building his reputation as a DJ. In 2007, “D.Scott”, as he is called by his closest friends, took a year off from his undergraduate studies and began posting his material online via several social networking sites. In doing so, he built a small following and ultimately went on to win the VIBE Magazine Verses II Rap Competition.  Then known as “The SmoovCrhyminal”, he was featured on a full page in the magazine’s March 2008 issue and invested the prize money into both his DJ business and home studio. After returning to school as an upperclassmen, D.s.sence, stayed on his grind as a student-athlete while garnering more recognition as “DJ D.SCOTT” by travelling up and down the East Coast, spinning in numerous Philadelphia night clubs, and even opening for DJ Aktive (DMC Finalist). Now that he has graduated, this all-around entertainer hopes to fully dedicate himself to music and use the same tools and tenacious attitude necessary to earn his degree to succeed in the industry. Staying true to himself with a clean, smoov flow, intricate rhyme schemes, and hard-hitting punchlines, D.s.sence hopes to leave his mark on a genre that originated in the Bronx as a new breed of emcee…

“D. Scotton, also known as The SmoovCrhyminal, is an Emcee, DJ, multi-instrumentalist, and all-around entertainer. Since his early days of singing in the church choir, S.C. has been inspired and fascinated by the power of music. This power allows one to entertain and get the crowd moving while conveying a strong message. The goal of this artist is to harness that power by combining both his lyrical skill and musical training to create original, positive, and smoov tracks. He breaks down stereotypes and shuns worn-out topics, as his rich, clean sounds fill your ears. Smoov is determined to be heard because like he says, “a rhyme is a terrible thing to waste…”


-VIBE Magazine, March 2008

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