Justin Bieber ‘Believe (Acoustic)’ Album / EP

JB’s upcoming acoustic album / EP (download) cover artwork, release date, and track titles have been revealed. The eight-track project includes stripped-down versions of cuts from his most recent record, which hit stores on July 15 of this year. Last Thursday, December 14, the Biebs announced that the bare bones package will hit stores on January 29, 2013. I know Beliebers are excited…

  1. “Boyfriend”
  2. “As Long As You Love Me”
  3. “Beauty And A Beat”
  4. “She Don’t Like The Lights”
  5. “Take You”
  6. “Be Alright”
  7. “All Around The World”
  8. “Track 8″

It’s generally accepted that ladies love a guy that can sing. And, also, ladies also love a guy that play the guitar. Welp, JB can do both so I am sure his fans will have this on repeat for quite some time… I might check it out, too, haHa.

Oh yeah, the first seven songs on the project, as you probably already know, appear on the original version. But the mysterious ‘Track 8′ is a surprise…

Here is the official link.

Added 1/24/13

Here the eighth and final tune, ‘Yellow Raincoat’

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