Justin Bieber “Mistletoe” Music Video Premieres

Justin-Bieber-Mistletoe-Music-Video-Official-Premiere-Watch-Full-VersionJustin Bieber “Mistletoe” Music Video (Official) Premieres

The Justin Bieber “Mistletoe” music video (official) premieres tonight at 7:54 on MTV. The new visual is for the lead single from his upcoming Christmas album, Under The Mistletoe. The holiday LP, which includes collaborations with Mariah Carey, Boyz II Men, Usher, Busta Rhymes and more, will be released on November 1.

Regarding Under The Mistletoe, Justin said,

“I was going to put out my album soon anyways, and I was thinking, ‘It’s near Christmastime. If I’m going to release an album near Christmas, I figure maybe I’d just do a Christmas album. The fans get more music, and everyone’s happy.

“I just picked my favorite Christmas songs. I picked ‘Silent Night,’ I picked ‘Santa [Claus Is] Coming to Town,’ because everyone loves those songs. Those are classics. They get people excited for Christmas. And then, for songs that we wrote, we wanted to make enough new songs for people to hear new music and not just hear some classics. There’s a lot of new stuff on there.”

Update: Justin Bieber “Mistletoe” Music Video (Official)


To hold you over until the highly-anticipated clip hits the net, you check out various related footage below:

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Justin Bieber “Mistletoe” Music Video (Trailer)

Source: MTV

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