Coldplay ‘Colbert Report’ Interview & Performance (VIDEOS)

Coldplay-Colbert-Report-Video-Performance-Interview-Stephen-Chris-MartinColdplay Colbert Report Performance (Videos) + Interview

Watch Coldplay’s Colbert Report performance and interview (videos). Last night, lead singer Chris Martin and Stephen Colbert, chopped it up about the Grammy Award-winning English “alternative” rock band’s upcoming LP, Mylo Xyloto before they treated the live audience to two album tracks, “Paradise” and “Up In Flames“. Check out the entertaining clips below:

Coldplay Colbert Report Performance & Interview (Videos)


Stephen Colbert is hilarious, especially in interviews. Oh, and Coldplay isn’t so bad either.

Mylo Xyloto is in stores next week, October 24. Are you getting a copy? What did you think about Coldplay’s interview and performance? Let me know on Twitter or in the box below.

Source: Stereogum

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