Washington Monument Leaning After 5.9 Magnitude Earthquake?


Washington Monument Leaning After Earthquake Hits East Coast

The Washington Monument is clearly leaning after this morning’s 5.9 magnitude earthquake, which was epicentered in Mineral, VA. Wow…

According to Fox News, “A District police officer told the Fox producer that, ‘They are concerned the Washington Monument might be tilting.’”

Everyone please be safe and be aware of aftershocks , which are reportedly very likely. See this post for tips on what to do during an earthquake and let me know if you think this is real on Twitter and Facebook.

Update: Fox News Report (Video)

Props: http://www.coreyann.com/washmonument.jpg

Update: According To National Parks Service “absolutely no damage” done to the Washington Monument and other buildings in D.C. 

Ah, seems like the photo may have been doctored…



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